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 The Impeccable Planner - by Mark Perl

The Impeccable Planner is entirely focused on the fundamental elements of how to plan corporate hospitality events more effectively than you do now. 

It is aimed at the Personal Assistants (PAs),   Executive Secretaries, or those in the marketing or HR department who, over and above the day-to-day responsibilities of their normal job, are the people most often tasked with organising company events, but who normally have no academic qualifications to rely upon, to assist them to do this well. 
Packed with practical considerations, not generalisations or theories, this field guide takes you through the essential areas of event planning to help ensure you are fully aware of the often overlooked minutiae that you need to explore, with your professional conference organisers, event planners, meetings planners or the other third party suppliers you work with, to ensure events under your aegis cover all the bases and can therefore result in them being truly exceptional.
In the areas it examines, it aims to prevent you making the same embarrassing, ill-informed, painful and costly mistakes as those made by thousands of those who have come before you.
The Impeccable Planner, whilst acknowledging that you, and the colleagues who guide and support you in planning events, are exceptionally   competent at what you do on a day-to-day basis, in your full time roles, asks: Since event planning is not your full-time role, how can you be expected to recognise all the facets of Impeccable Planning without insight from someone who knows where many of the commonly overlooked pitfalls lie waiting?
The Impeccable Planner is published by Filament Publishing in paperback at £13